About the Exhibition

After successful completion of the last edition of Nepal Medical Show, EEPC India presents to you the 4th edition of Healthcare Supply Chain Show (HSCS) & 7th edition of Nepal Medical Show. Nepal Medical Show is a well proven platform for the manufacturers and exporters who are keen to explore, showcase, establish and expand to new or existing markets in Nepal. The largest event of its kind, Nepal Medical Show – brings together healthcare leaders from a variety of disciplines to collaborate and learn. The focus area of the show is medical & surgical, clinical diagnostic hospital infrastructure, medical tourism, medical science and technology. The Show offers the exhibiting companies to not only present their innovations, products and services but to meet the key decision makers from the industry. It also provides an opportunity to professional visitors to gain comprehensive information about the developments in key industries.

Healthcare Supply Chain Show (HSCS) aims to link medicines, equipment's, infrastructure, suppliers, vendors and hospitals for efficient and effective utilization of resources at various associated segments. In order to fulfill needs of the entire Healthcare Sector this event is conceived giving One Stop Solution to meet all requirement of the Healthcare Segment from Medical Devices to infrastructural requirements.

Highlights of

Nepal Medical Show & Healthcare Supply Chain Show in 2023:

  • 6500 Trade Visitors
  • Over 240 Exhibitors
  • 800 Health Care Institutions

Economic scenario of Nepal

Nepal had a strong rebound in FY 2022 from the aftereffects of the COVID pandemic when the economy however the growth suffered in the recent year owing to tighter monetary policy and higher international prices. With increase in tourism and outmigration, the foreign exchange reserves and the remittances are again on an upward journey. Given the high import demand in the country, there is a fair chance that imports will again grow in the coming months.

India and Nepal’s Bilateral Trade

Nepal is an important export destination for Indian engineering industry in India’s neighbourhood. It regularly features among India’s top 25 engineering export destinations. Between 2018-19 and 2022-23, India’s exports to Nepal increased from USD 7.76 billion to USD 8.01 billion. While during this period, Nepal engineering imports from India declined, there is significant potential for expansion.

Opportunity for Indian medical devices in Nepal

Due to the weaknesses exposed by the COVID pandemic in Nepal’s health infrastructure, the Government of Nepal has increased its health budget by 45 percent for the next FY to build new hospitals as well as upgrade existing ones.Also, in recent years a large number of hospitals with modern medical technology and facilities have come up in the country especially in the capital, Kathmandu. These hospitals have continued to upgrade their testing and treatment facilities and therefore require modern medical equipment. There is significant competition from China which is the number one supplier in the Nepalese market. Competitions from other suppliers USA and Germany are also coming. In this background it is important for India to participate in the Nepal Medical Show to maintain their presence and increase their share in the Nepalese market.

Product Profile

  • Anesthesia Products
  • Bio Medical Instruments
  • Blood Bank Equipment
  • Cardiology Equipment
  • ICU / CCU Equipment
  • Dental Equipment & Implants
  • Diagnostics Products
  • E.N.T Instruments
  • Electro Medical Instruments
  • Endoscopy
  • General Surgical Products
  • Gynecological Products
  • Hospital Furniture & Fixtures
  • Hospital Garments
  • Infant & Baby Care
  • Laparoscopy

  • Medical Disposable Products
  • Medical Gas Pipe Line
  • Modular OT & OT Equipment
  • Neonatal Devices
  • Operating Tables & Shadow Lights
  • Operation Theater Equipment
  • Ophthalmic Instruments
  • Orthopedic Implants
  • Pathological Instruments
  • Physiotherapy Equipment
  • Rehabilitation Products & Aids
  • Suction Units
  • Surgical Disposable
  • Surgical Medical Rubber Goods
  • X-Ray Instruments
  • Accreditation Agencies


Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Nepal

Date & Time

29 February - 2 March 2024

Participation Charges

Booth Size: 9 sqm

  • One side open (built-up booth): INR 6000 per Sqm.
  • Note:

    1. EEPC India reserves the right to reject an application for participation without assigning any reason.
    2. In case of not receiving a minimum number of participants, EEPC India may decide not to participate in the show.
    3. No subletting or sharing of space/ booth is permitted.

    Re-imbursement of Airfare:

    Up to Rs. 90,000 may be reimbursed to eligible participants in terms of the MAI guidelines. However, this shall be subject to receiving of specific Govt. approval for such assistance for events of 2023-24. The T&C must be abided by for eligibility towards such re-imbursement. For detailed guidelines please click the following link:

    Guidelines for Reimbursement of Airfare

    Re-imbursement of Freight

    MSME participants may also be reimbursed 50% of the freight charges for carrying exhibits to this exhibition, subject, however, to a limit of Rs. 50,000 (Rs. Fifty Thousand only). The eligibility criteria would be similar to those applicable for airfare re-imbursement. However, this shall be subject to receiving of specific Govt. approval for such assistance for events of 2023-24.

    Note: EEPC INDIA can only recommend for issuance of VISA to the extent that the concerned person is a participant at the subject exhibition and that the person in question has been certified by the participating organisation to be their representative. The Foreign Embassy/ Consulate where the applicant submits the VISA application is expected to follow their usual procedural checks before granting the VISA in question and EEPC INDIA shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for non-issuance of VISA by the concerned authorities. This would mean that the prospective participant will be fully liable for the total charges payable to EEPC INDIA even if they do not obtain the VISA for any reason whatsoever.

    Mode of payment

    Please pay online through the following Payment Gateway :

    HDFC / PayU


    Pay through RTGS/NEFT in INR as per the following details :

    Name of the Bank : HDFC BANK LTD

    Branch : Central Plaza

    Address of Bank : 2/6, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700 020

    Account Number : 00142090000452

    Account Name : EEPC INDIA

    NEFT Code : HDFC0000014


    UPI ID: eeplindiaacpromotion.76041638@hdfcbank


    Demand draft favouring “EEPC INDIA” along with the duly filled-up Applicaon Form

    Note : In case of not receiving a minimum number of participants, EEPC India may decide not to participate in the show.

    Booth display

    Participation charges for a 9 sqm. booth includes the following services:

    • Octonorm Walls
    • One Table
    • Two Chairs
    • One Socket (5 Amp)
    • Three Spotlights
    • Carpet
    • Fascia Name
    • One Waste paper bin
    • No applicant can avail susidised rate if in the same event, the applicant (exhibitor) has already participated three times.
    • No applicant can avail susidised rate if the applicant (exhibitor) has already participated in three MAI aided events in the current financial year.

    Submission of Application

    Interested members are requested to fill in the online Application Form latest by 15 February 2024 at the following link:

    Please go through the "Mode of Payment" section for payment details.

    Click here to register

    Selection Criteria

    Since limited space is available, selection of participation will be done strictly on first-come, first-served basis.

    For further information, please contact,

    Mr. Joy Chatterjee
    Email - jchatterjee@eepcindia.net
    Phone - 9830246945

    Benefit to the member-exporters

    EEPC India is organizing this event under the MAI Scheme of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. The rates mentioned above are subsidized in comparison with the normal rates offered by the Fair Authorities.

    Cancellation of participation

    Please note that no request for cancellation and/ or refund including of advances, if any and/ or adjustment thereof shall be accepted for any reason whatsoever. Once the application form and/ or advance/ part payments are accepted by EEPC India the participant remains liable to pay in entirety the amounts due from them on account of the event. In case members are not able to travel due to travel restrictions/advisory by Government of India or Nepal then the amount paid will be adjusted toward the participation in the next edition.

    Force Majeure

    If a Force Majeure Event like war, act of God, natural calamities, governmental directives, civil commotion, epidemic, pandemic, etc. or alike events occurs inasmuch as that the fair authorities/ organizers consider that it is illegal, impossible, inadvisable or impracticable for the physical, onsite and in-person (i.e. ‘live’) elements of the Event to be staged, then in such situation and/ or circumstances the decision of the fair authorities shall be final and binding upon EEPC India and all its co-exhibitors/ participants. In such situation and/ or circumstances, if the fair authorities, organizers or the vendors appointed for providing diverse services related to the Event in question does not refund the monies paid by EEPC India and/ or does not otherwise absolve EEPC India from its contractual obligations then in such case the Co-exhibitors / participants remain liable to pay to EEPC India the contracted participation charge in full and shall not receive any refund from EEPC India of the amounts paid by the co-exhibitors/ participants. Further, if the fair authorities, organizers or the vendors, so appointed for the Event binds or rolls over EEPC India's participation in the future editions of the same Event in question, then automatically the participation of the co-exhibitor/ participant shall also be carried forward to such future editions of the Event and the amounts paid by them shall be given a credit for the successive edition. However, if there is any increment in the participation fees fixed by the fair authorities, organizers or in any other charges, budgets, etc. then such increased amount has to be paid by the co-exhibitor/ participant without any demur based on the space and booth booked by the co-exhibitor/ participant. In any event, a co-exhibitor/ participant cannot decrease the space or the booth size booked by them for the originally scheduled Event.

    Note: Regarding goods taken out of India for exhibition or on consignment basis for export promotion, participants may refer to Circular No. 108/27/2019-GST dated 18.07.2019 of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) which is the statute in the matter.

    Contact details of the EEPC INDIA Offices:

    Registered & Head Office

    Mr. Suranjan Gupta, Executive Director

    ‘Vanijya Bhawan’, 1st Floor
    International Trade Facilitation Centre
    1/1, Wood Street, Kolkata 700016
    Phone: (+91 33) 22890651/52
    Fax: (+91 33) 22890654
    E-mail: ed@eepcindia.net, eepcho@eepcindia.net

    H.O. (Cell)

    Mr. Adhip Mitra, Addl. Executive Director & Secretary

    ‘Vandhna’, 4th Floor
    11, Tolstoy Marg
    New Delhi 110001
    Phone: (+91 11) 23353353, 23711124/25
    Fax: (+91 11) 23310920
    E-mail: eepcto@eepcindia.net

    Ms. Anima Pandey

    Regional Director (ER) and Director (Membership)

    Vanijya Bhawan (2nd Floor)

    International Trade Facilitation Centre

    1/1, Wood Street

    Kolkata – 700 016

    Phone: (+91 33) 22890673/74

    Fax: (+91 33) 22890687

    E-mail: eepcrokol@eepcindia.net

    H.O. (Cell)

    Mr. Suranjan Gupta

    Executive Director

    ‘Vandhna’, 4th Floor

    11, Tolstoy Marg

    New Delhi 110001

    Phone: (+91 11) 23353353, 23711124/25

    Fax: (+91 11) 23310920

    E-mail: ed@eepcindia.net, eepcto@eepcindia.net

    Registered & Head Office:

    Mr. Adhip Mitra

    Addl. Executive Director & Secretary

    ‘Vanijya Bhawan’, 1st Floor

    International Trade Facilitation Centre

    1/1, Wood Street, Kolkata 700016

    Phone: (+91 33) 22890651/52

    Fax: (+91 33) 22890654

    E-mail: eepcho@eepcindia.net

    Dr. Rajat Srivastava

    Regional Director (WR) and Director (Marketing & Sales)

    B-202 & 220, Aurus Chambers

    Annex "B" (2nd Floor)

    Behind Mahindra Tower S.S. Amrutwar Marg, Worli, Mumbai – 400 013

    Phone : (+91 22) 42125555

    Fax : (+91 22) 42125556

    E-mail : eepcromum@eepcindia.net

    Mr. Sudhakaran C.K. Nair

    Sr. Deputy Director

    TF- 313/A (3rd Floor), ATMA House

    Ashram Road

    Ahmedabad – 380 009

    Phone : (+91 79) 26588720

    E-mail : eepcsroahd@eepcindia.net

    Mr. J. V. Raja Gopal Rao

    Joint Director

    Embassy Square, 103, First Floor

    No.148, Infantry Road

    Bengaluru – 560 001

    Phone: (+91 80) 22261396 / 22268669

    Fax: (+91 80) 22266914

    E-mail: eepcsroblr@eepcindia.net

    Mr. V. C. Ravish

    Sr. Assistant Director

    Soham Mansion (1st Floor)

    No. 5-4-187/3 & 4/4, M. G. Road

    Secunderabad – 500 003

    Phone : (+91 40) 27536704

    Telefax : (+91 40) 27536705

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    Mr. Gaurav Gupta

    Assistant Director

    Plot Comm. 1

    Focal Point

    Jalandhar – 144 012

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